Pod Sisters: Profiling Women in Business

Hey, Sisters! Pod Sisters is a show profiling women in business. Just us gals (and the occasional guy) sharing life stories, business advice and tips. An honest, open discussion about women, from women, to women. Secrets for success from sisters who are doing it all -- career, family, friends, and life. Learn along with us as we share lessons and advice (there may be wine involved).
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Pod Sisters: Profiling Women in Business

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Dec 15, 2016

Cathy Finley and her husband Ian left the corporate, urban life behind and chose the allure of living a pastoral farm life. They had no way of knowing the challenges, heart ache and sacrifice they would face as they learned about pasture-raised animals, ethical farming and ag-tourism. The family recently lost their home to a devastating fire, but Cathy sees a silver lining in everything!

Was it all worth it? Damn, straight! Cathy's story is inspiring and she encourages all women to chase their dreams and not give up. Cathy doesn't regret much, and she celebrates her family's successes and focuses on the future of Laurica Farm in Aldergrove, BC farm, named for their two daughters.

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